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04.12.2017 - Article

Customs regulations

Goods crossing the border into Germany or the European Union may be subject to import limitations or duties. Learn more on rules and regulations when importing goods as an individual traveller or on a business level.

Customs regulations for individual travellers

If you are entering Germany from a non-EU state, most goods carried by you are tax/duty-free unless they exceed certain quantity and value limits. Certain goods, however, you may not (or only under certain conditions) import.

Germanys customs authority has sumed up details for you on their website.

Customs regulations for the commercial importation of goods

Become aware of basic information on the customs provisions governing the movement of goods, services and capital, on the civil aviation tax, and on the relevant labour and social legislation.

More about doing business on the Germany customs authority's website.

General Information on customs regulations

If you have more questions, have a look at the general website of the German Customs Authority.

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