Marking Firearms TTPS in cooperation with UNLIREC and German Embassy

Marking Firearms TTPS/UNLIREC/German Embassy

Marking Firearms TTPS/UNLIREC/German Embassy, © UNLIREC


The government of Germany supports marking of firearms in T&T

From June 21-22, the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and Caribbean (UNLIREC) conducted a Firearms Marking Technical Assistance Workshop in Port of Spain for National Authorities including representatives of the TT Police Service, Prison Service, Forensic Science Centre, Customs and Excise Department and Ministry of National Security. The purpose of the Workshop was to encourage authorities to adopt the guidelines in international instruments on the marking of firearms, which is key to prevent diversion of licit weapons, improve accountability and enhance the traceability of illicit weapons.

Marking Firearms TTPS
Marking Firearms TTPS© UNLIREC

The last day concluded with the demonstration of marking the firearms using a laser marking machine funded by the German Government.

The workshop is part of Germany’s commitment to the combat of illicit small arms and ammunition in the Caribbean.


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